High Performance Studio

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Studio capabilities:

In order to have drastic improvements with your Golf game, you have to see in detail exactly what you’re doing. In our High Performance Studio, we have two High Definition Camera’s (front view and rear view) to capture details of your swing.

To verify what your shots are actually doing, we use advanced technology Flight Scope Launch Monitors which provides details such as:

  • How far do your shots actually go?
  • What is the gap distance between each of your clubs?
  • What is the spin rate of your driver off the tee?
  • Are your clubs properly fitted for you?

With the use of a Launch Monitor we can answer all of these questions!

Use of JC Video Software:

All of your lessons will be stored online for you to see from anywhere! Comparison of before & after has never been as effective! On the website, students can track greens in regulation, fairways hit, putts per round, and more. Specifications:

  • 200 FPS at HD Resolution
  • 6 Display Modes
  • Dual Camera Capture
  • Powerful Swing Clip Database
  • Full Graphics Tools
  • Auto Swing Trigger
  • Pro Sync
  • Record Voiceovers

To learn more, contact Fernando Martinez, PGA, at fmartinez@raspberrygolfacademy.com or 703-624-8389.


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